The Top 5 Poker Sites That Are Worth Your Visit

The Top 5 Poker Sites That Are Worth Your Visit

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The best online poker sites in the world

It’s not a secret that ever since poker sites appeared, they have been able to revolutionize the way people around the globe opt to play poker. No longer do poker-lovers have to get out of bed, get dressed, and hop into their vehicle in order to go to their nearest casino to play it, as now, they can do it straight from home, in their pajamas.
There are definitely numerous of poker sites that one can opt to visit, but which ones are the best of the best? This is a very important question that deserves an answer that is straight to the point, and correct because there are a lot of scams going on, drying people’s wallets; therefore, one has to be extremely careful before joining a site.
At the moment, due to the ratings that they have received from experts in the field, as well as from normal day people who have put them to good use, there are five poker sites that are considered top-notch in every aspect and thus the best (below).

Best Online Poker Sites

This site is considered to be the most popular poker site that is currently present online. One can obtain up to $2,500 USD as a welcome bonus. On this site, there are better chances for the majority of players, as the games are a bit softer. When it comes to free-rolls and tournaments, there is over $250,000 USD up for grabs. This is one of the most rapidily growing poker sites for players that are located in the United States. You can count on fast and reliable withdrawals. For rapid deposits, major credit cards, and transfers are accepted. It has been mentioned on USA Today and Yahoo Sports!

This poker site has been seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, CNBC, Yahoo Sports, and etc. It is one of the top sites that obtains more and more visitors every day. It is one of the favorites, and there aren’t any signs that this is going to change anytime soon. It is very easy to join; one just has to complete the join-in form, conduct an easy deposit, and receive an instant 200% welcome if you utilize the bonus code CC2500. There are several poker tournaments that take place on this site, that consist of over $250,000 USD.

When it comes to mentioning poker websites that have tons of goodies to hand out, Americas Card Room is one, in particular, that is highly mentioned. Three consecutive poker tournaments series are taking place from August 14th through September 11th. The main events will consist of $150,000 USD, $500,000 USD, and one million dollars! On this site, you can get up to a $1000.00 USD bonus when you join.

There is an instant $1,000 USD for anybody who opts to join Black Chip Poker, as well as receive entries to play the depositor free-roll. On Black Chip Poker, you can definitely count on fast and reliable withdrawals. For fast as lightning deposits, major credit cards, and transfers are accepted. Another great thing about this site is that it provides one-of-a-kind tournaments that come accompanied by great sums. There is a tiered loyalty program, and customizable tables. Enter CC2000 to receive a generous welcome bonus!
With world class poker software, Ignition Casino has become one of the top casinos on the Internet. It provides 24/7 customer service. It provides secure and fast payouts and has over 200 casino games, some which cannot be found anywhere else. It provide fast and reliable withdraws and accept major credit cards, and transfers.
Get Your Game on!
As you can conclude, the previously mentioned poker sites are the best of the best; therefore, if you want to play it safe whenever you feel like playing poker in your pajamas, pay one of them a visit!

Welcome to Public Servant

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The one aim of the Public Servant site is to bring you as many useful tips as we can on a very large range of different topics, getting help and support or even financial assistance when you need it can often be difficult and all of those topics will be covered throughout this site.

We also have lots of additional information on lifestyle, finance and the world at large, so please spend as much time as you like looking through our blog posts, articles and additional guides of which a small number of them are highlighted below for you.

Financial tips and advice

Planning Your Retirement – One thing that you should never leave to chance is your old age, and as such we have some very informative guides that will allow you to get your head around how you can put together your own retirement pension fund.

Be aware that the earlier you start planning for your future the better and as such you should really be starting to plan ahead right now, for state pensions are only going to supply you will the bare minimum in regards to funds for your basic day to day living expenses.

Choosing and Insurance Policy – You will not need us to tell you just what a mine field the world of insurance can be, and finding the right policy which is going to pay you out without any hassles on any eventuality is going to be very difficult indeed.

It is with that in mind you are going to be best advised to take a look over our range of guides and articles that will always enlighten you on which type of insurance policy you should be looking to purchase and more importantly one that suits your pocket and budget too!

Living on a Budget – Everybody does have to live within their means, and often you are going to have to tighten your belts and shop around for the very best deals when money is tight.

If you are having to reduce and cut back your spending for any reasons, then please do take a look over our articles and guides that are in our living on a budget section of the site for by doing so we will enlighten you on how you can save yourself a lot of money by shopping around and also where you are going to get the best deals on a very wide range of different things too.

Loans and Finance – When you need to borrow money then there are lots of places that you can approach for a long term or short term loan, however not all of those places are going to be giving you the very best deals and it is therefore very important that you shop around and are only charged the very lowest amount of interest on any money you borrow.


We do have guides which are going to show you how you can quickly and easily shop around and compare the interest charged to you when borrowing money and as such we would advise you to take a good look through them if you do need to borrow money soon.

Secure Saving Schemes – When you want to start saving money then you will not want your hard earned cash to be at any type of risk, and in this section of our website we are taking a look at which savings accounts and savings schemes are guaranteed and as such no matter what happens you will always have access to your money, so once again do take a look at that part of our website if you are planning on setting money aside and saving it up.

Medical Help and Support – Sadly one aspect of many peoples’ life’s is living with an illness, or caring with someone who may have a long term medical condition.

With that in mind we have put together a large and growing section of our website that covers a wide range of medical topics. You will find listed places where you can actively seek help and support for a range of different illnesses and conditions and we will also be taking a look at where you can get the best medical insurance to cover you for the unexpected.

Water and Waste Companies in UK

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If you are about to move home then one thing that you will need to do is to register as the new home owner with your local water and waste company, and as the industry was privatised many years ago there are of course now lots of different companies supply water and waste from homes in every part of the UK.

To make finding your local water and waste company a little bit easier we have listed below the entire list of companies involved in that industry, or more details on any of them and their direct contact details please visit their official websites.

Water and Waste companies

Anglian Water – Anglian Water cover the entire East of England and as such if you are moving to that part of the United Kingdom then that is who will be supplying your fresh water and who will be responsible for removing your waste water too.

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water – Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water supplies waters and removes waste water from all properties and business in Wales they also offer a full bilingual service to all of their customers too.

Northumbrian Water – The name of this water company does give you a very clear idea of just which country of the UK they service and that in case you are still wondering is of course Northumbria in the North East of England.

Severn Trent Water – The Company that supplies fresh water and removes water related waste form all properties in the West Midlands is Severn Trent Water.

Southern Water – Southern Water is responsible for water supplies and the removal of all waste water in the South East of England.

South West Water – It is South West Water who as their name suggests is responsible for water supplies and the removal of waste water for everyone who is based in the South West of England.

Thames Water – If you live or are about to move to the Greater London area of the UK then the water company you will need to use is Thames Water. This company covers a large urban area and as such is one of the largest suppliers of fresh water in the UK and offer an around the clock customer support service to all of their customers.

United Utilities – Over in the North West of England it is United Utilities who remove all waste water and supply fresh waters to millions of prosperities in and around that part of the UK.

Wessex Water – Wessex Water is a water company who offers their services to all households and business that are located in the South West of England. They may not be the largest company is terms of customers however they do cover a very large area of land.

Yorkshire Water – Finally we would like to introduce you to Yorkshire Water who cover both Yorkshire and the Humber and are responsible for the supply of fresh water and the removal of water waste to millions of customers in that part of the UK.

Top Tips for Gambling

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We do know that most people will enjoy the occasional gamble and as such we have put together a range of different tips which you may wish to consider using when you do next have a gamble, either online, on your mobile device or when visiting a land based casino.

Obviously there are risks involved when you do partake in any type of gambling activity and as such you should always be aware of those risks and always gamble responsibly. Try and put together a gambling budget if you do enjoy gaming in any shape or form and always stick to that budget!

Effective Gambling

Blackjack Tips – If you want to have a session playing real money Blackjack then the very first tip we can pass onto you is that you should be looking to play the variants which have the lowest house edge and playing those games optimally too.

There are some things that you should never do no matter which blackjack games you do decide to play and that includes never taking insurance when offered to you, and also never split a pair of ten valued cards.

There are something however that you should always do when playing Blackjack and one of the best playing moves you can make is for you to always split a pair of aces when they have been dealt out to you!

Also keep in mind that you will find many blackjack strategy cards are now available and it will pay dividends for you to get one of those cards as they are going to show you how to play off every single hand you have been dealt out optimally!

Roulette Tips – Playing Roulette is one pastime that many people like to take part in, for you are going to have access to Roulette games in betting shops, casinos and also online and on your mobile phone, however we do have some valuable playing tips that you do need to be aware of!

The first thing that you will need to be aware of is that there are some quite different variants of Roulette available, when you want to play Roulette the best types of games to play will always be the ones which have one single zero on the wheel, as those have a lower house edge than the double zero variants.

Play the French Roulette game if you only ever place even money paying bets, as when you play those particular variants when a zero is spin in and you have placed any number of even money paying bets you get half of those losing bets back tor they stay on the wheel for the next spin.

Video Poker Tips – Video Poker games are easy to play for when you do play theme you will be dealt out five playing cards and then you have to pick which is any of those cards to lock into position on the screen and which ones to discard and get them replaced by fresh ones deal tout of the deck.

You will then be dealt out replacement cards for the cards that you have discarded and the aim is for that final stage of the game to have a hand listed on the pay table to receive the associated winning payout.

The bets tip we can pass onto you for playing video poker games in such a way that you have the maximum winning opportunities is for you to make sure that you have the auto hold setting switched on. That will then see the game holding for you the best cards automatically after the initial deal has been performed, and will remove all of the guesswork out of you having to pick the best cards to hold.

Slot Machine Tips – Slot machines are random in their design and as such you are always going to find you could suddenly get onto a winning streak when playing them or you could end up on a losing streak and soon find your allocated slot machine playing budget being gobbled up.

However, each slot machine you will come across, it doesn’t matter where you choose to play those slot machines, each of them will come with a set payout percentage and the one tip we can give you for having the best chances of winning or to get more of your stakes paid out to you as winning payout is to only play the machines which have the very highest payout percentages!

So look out for slot machines that have payout percentages of over 96%, you will find more than enough slot machines which do offer higher payout percentages than 96% and they are by far and away the very best slot machines you can play, so spend some time hunting them down and giving them your best shot!

Saving Money on Your Weekly Shop

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One of the most regular expenditures you will be forking out for every single week of the year is of course your weekly shop, and as such when you are tightening your belt or simply trying to set aside money for a large purchase later on in the year then one way you may be able to set aside more cash is to find ways to reduce the cost of your weekly shop.

Saving money a bit at a time with your weekly shop

Whilst it is true to say that many people will prefer shopping at the same supermarkets each week and always tend to buy the same things when out shopping, there are still ways that you can make some substantial savings each week on your shopping bill.

Please do have a good look through the following guide for we will be showing you some relatively simply ways that you may be able to make some savings! One thing you will not usually be forced to do is to make any compromises on the quality of foodstuffs that you do buy when out shopping, which is something many people think you will have to do when trying to reduce your shopping bills!

Vouchers and Coupons – There have been many stories doing the rounds recently which have shown how one person can make some huge and substantial savings on their shopping bill by collecting up and using vouchers and coupons.

That is certainly something you should also consider doing as the savings you can achieve by using just a handful of money off vouchers can quickly add up over time!

Loyalty and Club Cards – Signing up to a supermarkets loyalty scheme is going to see you being awarded with points each time you make a purchase from those stores, however many credit card companies also offer some form of loyalty scheme too.

So if you do tend to shop at just one supermarket or store then make sure you sign up to their loyalty card and also use that card on every purchase you make, and if your credit card has a loyalty type scheme then pay for your shopping with that card, but pay off the bill as soon as it comes in!

Shop Around and Compare Prices – There are always going to be special offers and promotional deals at certain supermarkets and stores and that means you should always shop around and compare the prices they are charging on things you tend to buy often.

If you do so, then by planning on just which shops you will buy what items from the savings can and will mount up. Keep in mind that thanks to the internet and some shopping type apps you can download onto your mobile device shopping around and comparing prices is much easier to do than having to keep visiting lots of different shops in person to compare their prices!

Bulk Buying Promotions – One way that you can make some large savings on your weekly shopping bills is to buy specula bulk buy purchases such as two for one deals. However, if you have a friend who is also trying to save money then by pooling your resources you will be able to make bulk buys and get the best value from doing so.

Change Your Eating Habits – It may seem like something of a drastic act to actually have to change your eating habits to save some money on your weekly shop, but you will be surprised at how making a few changes to your meal plans you can save a small fortune on your shopping bills.