One of the most regular expenditures you will be forking out for every single week of the year is of course your weekly shop, and as such when you are tightening your belt or simply trying to set aside money for a large purchase later on in the year then one way you may be able to set aside more cash is to find ways to reduce the cost of your weekly shop.

Saving money a bit at a time with your weekly shop

Whilst it is true to say that many people will prefer shopping at the same supermarkets each week and always tend to buy the same things when out shopping, there are still ways that you can make some substantial savings each week on your shopping bill.

Please do have a good look through the following guide for we will be showing you some relatively simply ways that you may be able to make some savings! One thing you will not usually be forced to do is to make any compromises on the quality of foodstuffs that you do buy when out shopping, which is something many people think you will have to do when trying to reduce your shopping bills!

Vouchers and Coupons – There have been many stories doing the rounds recently which have shown how one person can make some huge and substantial savings on their shopping bill by collecting up and using vouchers and coupons.

That is certainly something you should also consider doing as the savings you can achieve by using just a handful of money off vouchers can quickly add up over time!

Loyalty and Club Cards – Signing up to a supermarkets loyalty scheme is going to see you being awarded with points each time you make a purchase from those stores, however many credit card companies also offer some form of loyalty scheme too.

So if you do tend to shop at just one supermarket or store then make sure you sign up to their loyalty card and also use that card on every purchase you make, and if your credit card has a loyalty type scheme then pay for your shopping with that card, but pay off the bill as soon as it comes in!

Shop Around and Compare Prices – There are always going to be special offers and promotional deals at certain supermarkets and stores and that means you should always shop around and compare the prices they are charging on things you tend to buy often.

If you do so, then by planning on just which shops you will buy what items from the savings can and will mount up. Keep in mind that thanks to the internet and some shopping type apps you can download onto your mobile device shopping around and comparing prices is much easier to do than having to keep visiting lots of different shops in person to compare their prices!

Bulk Buying Promotions – One way that you can make some large savings on your weekly shopping bills is to buy specula bulk buy purchases such as two for one deals. However, if you have a friend who is also trying to save money then by pooling your resources you will be able to make bulk buys and get the best value from doing so.

Change Your Eating Habits – It may seem like something of a drastic act to actually have to change your eating habits to save some money on your weekly shop, but you will be surprised at how making a few changes to your meal plans you can save a small fortune on your shopping bills.

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