The one aim of the Public Servant site is to bring you as many useful tips as we can on a very large range of different topics, getting help and support or even financial assistance when you need it can often be difficult and all of those topics will be covered throughout this site.

We also have lots of additional information on lifestyle, finance and the world at large, so please spend as much time as you like looking through our blog posts, articles and additional guides of which a small number of them are highlighted below for you.

Planning Your Retirement – One thing that you should never leave to chance is your old age, and as such we have some very informative guides that will allow you to get your head around how you can put together your own retirement pension fund.

Be aware that the earlier you start planning for your future the better and as such you should really be starting to plan ahead right now, for state pensions are only going to supply you will the bare minimum in regards to funds for your basic day to day living expenses.

Choosing and Insurance Policy – You will not need us to tell you just what a mine field the world of insurance can be, and finding the right policy which is going to pay you out without any hassles on any eventuality is going to be very difficult indeed.

It is with that in mind you are going to be best advised to take a look over our range of guides and articles that will always enlighten you on which type of insurance policy you should be looking to purchase and more importantly one that suits your pocket and budget too!

Living on a Budget – Everybody does have to live within their means, and often you are going to have to tighten your belts and shop around for the very best deals when money is tight.

If you are having to reduce and cut back your spending for any reasons, then please do take a look over our articles and guides that are in our living on a budget section of the site for by doing so we will enlighten you on how you can save yourself a lot of money by shopping around and also where you are going to get the best deals on a very wide range of different things too.

Loans and Finance – When you need to borrow money then there are lots of places that you can approach for a long term or short term loan, however not all of those places are going to be giving you the very best deals and it is therefore very important that you shop around and are only charged the very lowest amount of interest on any money you borrow.


We do have guides which are going to show you how you can quickly and easily shop around and compare the interest charged to you when borrowing money and as such we would advise you to take a good look through them if you do need to borrow money soon.

Secure Saving Schemes – When you want to start saving money then you will not want your hard earned cash to be at any type of risk, and in this section of our website we are taking a look at which savings accounts and savings schemes are guaranteed and as such no matter what happens you will always have access to your money, so once again do take a look at that part of our website if you are planning on setting money aside and saving it up.

Medical Help and Support – Sadly one aspect of many peoples’ life’s is living with an illness, or caring with someone who may have a long term medical condition.

With that in mind we have put together a large and growing section of our website that covers a wide range of medical topics. You will find listed places where you can actively seek help and support for a range of different illnesses and conditions and we will also be taking a look at where you can get the best medical insurance to cover you for the unexpected.